Types of Breast Implants

Breast implants are the top cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States, and nearly five percent of all American women have had breast implants for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. Several different types of implants are available.

1. Saline implants

Saline implants are filled with saline, or sterile salt water, and are FDA-approved for women over the age of eighteen. They look and feel natural with a uniform shape and firmness. The saline can be naturally absorbed and expelled by the body, so if the implant leaks, it will simply collapse harmlessly.

2. Silicone implants

These implants are filled with silicone gel, which closely replicates the feel of natural breast tissue. Silicone implants are FDA-approved for women over the age of twenty-two and should be regularly assessed to ensure their condition. If they leak, the gel could either remain in the shell of the implant or leak into the implant pocket.

3. “Gummy bear” implants

Gummy bear implants are form-stable with a consistent silicone-gel texture that maintains its shape and is less likely to break. They are shaped to match the natural structure of the breast with more fullness at the bottom than at the top.

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