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A deep, large, or irregular scar can affect your movement and your appearance, especially if it’s difficult to hide under your clothes. At Desired Beauty, with offices in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles and Bakersfield, California, cosmetic surgeon Farzin Kerendian, DO, FACOS, FAACS, can surgically alter your scar to be less conspicuous with individualized scar revision. To find out if your scar is treatable with scar revision, call Desired Beauty or book an appointment online today.

Scar Revision

How do scars form?

Scars are your body’s natural way of repairing itself after a surgical incision, cut, scrape, or laceration. Scar tissue is thicker than regular healthy tissue, but not all scars look the same. Some are pink, some are red, and some are white. They can be raised above your skin’s surface or recessed and indented. 

Your scar’s appearance largely depends on the type of wound that it’s from, the location of the wound on your body, the unique characteristics of your skin, and your age. If your scar is particularly large or noticeable, Dr. Kerendian can improve its appearance with scar revision surgery.

What is scar revision?

Scar revision is a cosmetic procedure that makes your scars appear smaller or less noticeable. Dr. Kerendian does this by making the scar blend in with the rest of your natural skin more smoothly. There are many techniques available for scar revision, and he selects the right technique on a case-by-case basis. 

If the scar is deep, Dr. Kerendian makes an incision to remove the scar tissue surgically. Then, he closes it in a strategic way to make a scar that is less noticeable than the last. He may recommend other techniques, like laser treatments or chemical peels, for smaller scars like acne scars. 

What types of scars can scar revision treat?

If you have a scar that makes you feel self-conscious or is simply hard to hide, Dr. Kerendian evaluates it and decides on the best way to go about your revision. He might recommend scar revision for:

  • Keloid scars
  • Thick scars
  • Misshapen scars
  • Disfiguring scars
  • Scars that inhibit your movement

After evaluating your scar, Dr. Kerendian can give you an accurate idea of how it will look after scar revision. 

What is the recovery like after scar revision?

Recovery after scar revision is typically fast and simple. Dr. Kerendian advises you to avoid stretching the scar, pulling on it, or rubbing it. If the scar is on a joint, you might need to attend physical therapy to improve the joint’s mobility after your scar revision.

The specific aftercare that your scar requires depends on the size of the scar, its location, and the technique used to treat it. 

For more information about scar revision surgery, call Desired Beauty, or book your consultation online today.

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