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Women with larger-than-average breasts may experience physical pain and emotional distress, causing them to choose breast reduction surgery for its cosmetic and physical benefits. At Desired Beauty, with offices in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles and Bakersfield, California, cosmetic surgeon Farzin Kerendian DO, FACOS, FAACS, is an expert in breast reduction surgery and can help you decide whether it’s the best option for you. Call the office or request an appointment using the online booking tool today.

Breast Reduction

What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery, also referred to as reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure used to reduce the size of your breasts for a more shapely and proportionate silhouette. Many women with larger-than-average breasts choose breast reduction surgery for its cosmetic and physical benefits. 

Large, pendulous breasts can be uncomfortable and painful, creating a top-heavy or disproportionate appearance. Dr. Kerendian is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can talk to you about the breast reduction procedure and how it may benefit your appearance and health. 

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction?

Dr. Kerenedian determines if you’re a good candidate for breast reduction surgery during your consultation. He may recommend the procedure if:

  • Your breasts are too large for your body frame
  • Your breasts are causing shoulder, back, or neck pain
  • One breast is considerably larger than the other breast
  • Your breasts are particularly dense or heavy 
  • You’re self-conscious or unhappy about your large breasts

During your consultation, Dr. Kerendian reviews your aesthetic goals, medical history, and examines your breasts and body to determine the best way to proceed. His goal is to provide you with more comfortable breasts and reshape them, if necessary, to give you a more proportionate silhouette. 

What can I expect during breast reduction?

Dr. Kerendian develops individualized surgical plans for breast reduction based on your specific needs and goals, as well as the size, shape, and amount of volume you want to reduce during your procedure. He reviews all your surgical options during your consultation so you can make the most informed decision on how to proceed. 

Your breast reduction procedure may be performed alone, or in conjunction with other procedures, such as a breast lift, so you get the best possible results. After your procedure, your breasts will be more proportionate with the rest of your body and may feel firmer and look perkier. You may also experience a significant reduction in neck, back, and shoulder pain. 

Dr. Kerendian designs a plan to ensure long-lasting results. However, weight loss or weight gain may affect the size of your breasts.

To schedule your breast reduction consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who puts your needs and goals first, call Desired Beauty or request an appointment online today.

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