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Youthful breasts tend to be perky and lifted. But, over time, breasts can droop and sag. Larger breasts may succumb to the effects of gravity earlier, but weight gain and pregnancy also affect breast tissue that may lead to sagging. At Desired Beauty, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Farzin Kerendian DO, FACOS, FAACS, is dedicated to helping you look as young as you feel and offers many surgical procedures to improve the look of your breasts, including the breast lift. To schedule a consultation, call the office in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles or Bakersfield, California, or request one online today.

Breast Lift

What is a breast lift?

The breast lift also referred to as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that addresses breast sagging that can result from aging, pregnancy, or weight gain. At Desired Beauty, Dr. Kerendian is an expert at breast lift procedures and aims to reposition your breasts to create a more youthful and uplifted appearance. 

During the breast lift, Dr. Kerendian tightens the tissues that support your breasts and removes excess skin to reshape the tissue to improve contour and support. 

Am I a good candidate for a breast lift?

Dr. Kerendian determines if you’re a good candidate for a breast lift during a consultation. He might recommend a breast lift if you:

  • Are in physically good health and at a healthy weight
  • Are bothered by the sagging or drooping appearance of your breasts
  • Have breasts that have lost shape or volume
  • Have breasts that are pendulous, flat, or elongated
  • Have nipples that point downward
  • Have stretched or enlarged areolas or nipples
  • Have stretched skin
  • Have uneven breasts
  • Don’t smoke

If considered a good candidate for a breast lift, Dr. Kerendian reviews the details of your procedure during your consultation. The specifics may depend on your breast size and shape, the extent of sagging, elasticity of your skin, amount of extra skin, quality of your skin, and size and position of your areolas.  

What other procedures can improve the look of my breasts?

Dr. Kerendian is an experienced cosmetic surgeon and performs other procedures to improve the look of your breasts. The procedures he performs include:

Nipple lift

A nipple lift is a type of breast lift designed to boost sagging or uneven breasts and nipples for a more youthful, uplifted appearance. It is a common procedure Dr. Kerendian performs alone or in conjunction with breast augmentation. 

Areolar reduction

Like your breasts, areolas come in all shapes and sizes, but not all women are happy with the size of their areolae. During an areolar reduction, Dr. Kerendian reduces the outer edge of your areola and shifts the breast skin closer to the areola. He performs the areolar reduction as an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia. 

Inverted nipple correction

Inverted nipples are a common problem that can affect both men and women. Dr. Kerendian uses several approaches to perform inverted nipple correction based on your specific needs. The end results are immediate and permanent.

If you’re unhappy with the look of your breasts, contact Desired Beauty by phone or request an appointment online to discuss your options.

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