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A shapely posterior is one of the most desired features in today's world. But if you don’t have a naturally beautiful butt, you may be curious about the Brazillian butt lift. At Desired Beauty, with offices in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles and Bakersfield, California, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Farzin Kerendian, DO, FACOS, FAACS, is an expert in performing the Brazillian butt lift, also known as a buttock augmentation, to help you achieve your desired look. To learn more, call the office nearest you or book your appointment online today.

Brazilian Butt Lift

What is the Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure offered at Desired Beauty to improve the shape and contour of your derriere using implants, fat grafts, or a combination of both. Dr. Kerendian is an expert at performing the Brazillian butt lift and determines if the procedure is the best choice for helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

Am I a good candidate for the Brazillian butt lift?

Dr. Kerendian conducts a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you’re a good candidate for the Brazillian butt lift. He may consider you a good candidate for the cosmetic procedure if:

  • You want a more balanced look
  • Your buttocks have a flat or square shape
  • Your buttocks are too small for your frame
  • Weight loss or aging has left you with a sagging, loose, or flat buttocks
  • Your clothes don’t fit properly due to the shape or size of your buttocks
  • You have reasonable and realistic expectations
  • You’re in good general health, and you have a positive attitude

During your consultation, Dr. Kerendian asks detailed questions to understand your aesthetic goals so he can develop the most effective treatment plan to help you achieve your desired outcome. He also performs a physical exam, reviews your medical history, and examines the quality of your skin and the size and shape of your butt to determine the specifics of your procedure.  

What can I expect during my Brazillian butt lift? 

Dr. Kerendian designs individualized surgical plans based on your specific aesthetic goals and needs. He reviews the details of your procedure during your consultation, including whether it’s best to use your own natural fatty tissue to enhance your backside or an implant. He will also tell you how to prepare for your procedure, what to expect during, and the recovery process.

During your recovery, Dr. Kerendian requests that you wear support garments to enhance the healing process. You may also need to avoid prolonged sitting on your backside for up to two weeks following your Brazillian butt lift. 

You should start to notice an improvement in your look within 3-6 months after your procedure, but it may take up two years for complete healing. However, the Brazillian butt lift provides lasting results. 

To schedule a consultation to learn more about the Brazillian butt lift and how it can enhance your natural beauty, contact Desired Beauty by phone or online today.

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