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Scar Revision Los Angeles

Scar Revision Los Angeles

Scars are a fact of life for many of us, but some scars can be disfiguring. These scars may be from wounds, accidents, injuries, or previous surgeries and can occur anywhere on the body. If you have a disfiguring or unsightly scar, Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles scar correction expert, can help.

Your body’s natural healing process creates scar tissue in response to an injury or break in the skin. How much scar tissue develops depends on the extent of the original injury, the location of the wound, skin characteristics, and your age. Other factors may also play a role in how the scar develops. Over time, scars can change. They may shrink, change color, and become less noticeable. This process can take weeks or years. In other cases, scars may remain quite visible or become more noticeable, making scar revision necessary. Dr. Kerendian, expert in scar correction in Los Angeles, has several options when it comes to improving the appearance of your scar.

You may be a candidate for a scar revision procedure if you have:

• A keloid scar, which extends beyond the size of the wound and tends to have a thick, overgrown appearance
• A thickened scar
• A distorted scar
• A scar that restricts normal movements
• A scar that affects function
• A scar that distorts other features
• A disfiguring scar

Most people recover quickly from scar revision surgery. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles Scar Correction Expert, will provide you with specific aftercare instructions based on the type, degree, and location of your surgery. You may need to avoid any activities that could stretch, irritate, or widen your new scar. If the scar was located over a joint and has led to stiffening or decreased ability, physical therapy may be recommended to increase strength and range of motion.

Dr. Kerendian, expert in scar correction in Los Angeles, can help you learn more about your options at your consultation. We will examine your scar, talk about your goals and discuss your treatment options and long-term prognosis.

If you have a scar that is unsightly, disfiguring, or disabling, you may be a candidate for scar correction surgery. Call us today to learn more or to Schedule an Appointment with Los Angeles Plastic Surgery expert.

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