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Lip Augmentation Los Angeles

Lip Augmentation Los Angeles

Plump, full lips signal health, beauty, and youth. Unfortunately, some lips can lose their natural fullness over time, while others are naturally thinner. Los Angeles Surgeon Dr. Kerendian offers lip augmentation to plump lips and can give you the full, beautifully contoured lips you crave.

Dr. Kerendian might recommend a lip augmentation if you:

• Feel self-conscious about the way your lips look
• Have disproportionately small lips
• Have lips that have gotten smaller or thinner with age
• Have thin lips that seem to disappear when you smile
• Want fuller, plumper lips
• Have uneven lips
• Are in good health and have realistic expectations

Lip enhancement procedures can be performed alone, but they can also be performed in conjunction with facial fillers, peels, and facelifts for a completely rejuvenated look. We can help you create a look that is flattering to your overall appearance.

The procedure can be completely customized for your needs. In most cases, the injections only take about an hour and the recovery period is fast. Injections have temporary results and can be repeated as needed or desired, while implants are permanent. Other options include fat grafts, dermal grafts, and lip lifts.

During your lip augmentation, Dr. Kerendian will prep the treatment area and may apply a numbing cream, or use a local or general anesthetic depending on your needs, preferences, and the type of procedure. Once the augmentation has been performed, you will have a brief recovery period. Most patients experience minimal downtime after lip enhancement procedures. Some bruising or swelling can occur, but this tends to be minor and short-lived.

Most patients recover without complication. You can reduce your risk of complications by following Dr. Kerendian’s aftercare instructions precisely. A lip augmentation can give you the smile you have always wanted and a more youthful pout in about an hour, without the need for more invasive procedures.

Contact the Los Angeles office of Dr. Kerendian today to learn more, or to Schedule your Consultation with his cosmetic surgery team.

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