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Leg Veins Treatment Los Angeles

Leg Veins Treatment Los Angeles

Spider veins tend to increase and become more visible with age. These little purple or blue veins tend to have a web-like or branching pattern, and generally appear on the legs. They occur when blood vessels are stretched or dilated as the valves fail, which allows the blood to pool and the walls of the vessel to bulge. Also known as sclerotherapy, this procedure can be extremely effective in erasing any trace of these small vessels from your skin. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles Leg Veins Treatment Expert, can help you decide if sclerotherapy is right for you.

Dr. Kerendian, expert in leg veins treatment in Los Angeles, may recommend treatment if you:

• Have visible veins on your legs or thighs
• Are unhappy with the look of spider veins
• Are embarrassed by prominent branching veins on your lower legs
• Avoid wearing shorts, skirts, or swimming suits in an effort to hide your veins
• Are not pregnant, are otherwise healthy, and do not have a history of blood clots
• Have reasonable expectations and a positive attitude

Leg vein treatment has little or no downtime, and discomfort is minimal. The procedure is generally quite safe, and patients are usually able to resume work or typical daily activities quickly. You may need to wear special support stockings or compression hose initially to help maintain proper pressure on the treatment site and reduce the risk of bruising. In some cases, multiple visits to Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles leg veins treatment expert may be needed to achieve the desired results.

If Dr. Kerendian, expert in leg veins treatment in Los Angeles, determines that the treatment is right for you, we will take your medical history, ask about any medications you take, discuss your concerns and goals, and explain your treatment options. We will explain the potential risks and complications and answer any questions that you have. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, and you will be provided medications to keep you comfortable. After the procedure, you will likely be permitted to go home where you can recover in comfort.

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