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Inverted nipples are a common problem that can affect both men and women. For many with inverted nipples, the problem occurs naturally as a result of structural variations in the nipple or surrounding tissues. For others, the changes occur over time as a result of inflammation or scar tissue or changes that occur after breastfeeding. If you have inverted nipples and are unhappy with their appearance, Dr. Kerendian, Our Los Angeles Inverted Nipple Correction Surgeon can help.

Although cosmetic breast surgery is often performed to address the size or shape of the actual breasts, those with inverted nipples may be more interested in correcting this specific issue. Dr. Kerendian, our expert in inverted nipple correction in Los Angeles, can use breast revision surgery to permanently evert the nipples and improve the appearance of the breasts.

Inverted nipples can vary in severity or degree. Some nipples will protrude when stimulated by cold or touch before retracting while others may respond to strong suction, such as that produced by a nursing infant or vacuum device. These conservative approaches to managing inverted nipples only provide temporary cosmetic improvement, and the nipples will become inverted against once the stimulus or device is no longer being used. Severely inverted nipples will not protrude at all due to severe scarring or tissue damage. With surgery, Dr. Kerendian, our Los Angeles inverted nipple correction expert, is able to provide you with a permanent solution to inverted nipples.

Several techniques are available to manage inverted nipples. Small incisions can be made in the areola that allow Dr. Kerendian, our expert in inverted nipple correction in Los Angeles, to access the tissues that are constricting the nipple. These tissues can then be severed, spread, or stretched. The results are immediately noticeable and typically permanent, since the procedure is designed to address the underlying issues. The conservative nature of the procedure means that most women recover quickly.

Call us today to learn more about your options for correcting inverted nipples or to Schedule your Consultation with Dr. Kerendian, our Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon.

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