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Facial expressions allow you to communicate with others without ever saying a word. Just like the primary colors can be blended to make numerous new colors, basic facial expressions can be mixed and matched to create an entire array of new expressions to share our emotions and change the way others perceive us. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles facial plastic surgery expert, offers an extensive selection of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to help you put your best face forward while still preserving that unique look that makes you distinctly you.

Your face is likely your most recognizable part of your body, but many have features or aspects to their faces that they would like to change. Some may have moles or birthmarks while others have scars, sun damage, or wrinkles. Still others may have conditions that affect their lips, ears, nose, eyes, neck, or face. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon, offers treatments and procedures to treat existing diseases, correct issues that have occurred as a result of trauma, and improve the appearance of problems that have developed over time.

We offer consultations at which you can learn more about your surgical and nonsurgical treatment options. Our leading-edge facilities are designed with your comfort in mind and equipped with the most advanced equipment. They have been newly remodeled and are accredited by the AAAHC, which is the gold standard for outpatient surgery centers. This means that clients can be assured of a safe environment and high-quality care.

Dr. Kerendian, facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, works closely with our patients to ensure their safety and well-being at each stage of the treatment process. Our staff is highly trained in the latest procedures, and we have a board-certified anesthesiologist on staff to better meet your needs.

Farzin Kerendian, D.O., FACOS, FAACS

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