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Eyelid surgery, which can also be called blepharoplasty, is a procedure that can improve the look of your upper or lower eyelids. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon can use a blepharoplasty to tighten loose or sagging skin around the upper eyelid, remove excess fatty deposits that make the eye look puffy and bags from beneath the eyes, and rejuvenate the entire eye region for a more youthful look. The skin around the eyes is naturally thinner than the skin elsewhere on the body. As the skin loses elasticity with age, the effects of gravity become more profound, and the skin begins to droop and wrinkle. Repeated facial expressions can lead to dynamic wrinkles and expression lines. As the skin droops, the sagging skin can fall forward over the eye creating a hooded effect that can leave you looking tired or angry. Although blepharoplasty is typically performed for cosmetic reasons, it can also have functional benefits for those whose saggy eyelids are interfering with their vision. Eyelid surgery cannot eliminate crow’s feet, dark circles, or facial wrinkles, but it can have a significant effect on the signs of aging in this area. Dr. Kerendian can also combine blepharoplasty procedures with other cosmetic procedures, such as chemical peels or injectable fillers, to create a makeover for a refreshed or rejuvenated appearance. Dr. Kerendian might recommend eyelid surgery if you: • Are over the age of thirty-five • Are in good health • Have baggy or droopy eyelids • Have fat pockets around your eyes • Have realistic expectations and a positive attitude

The outpatient procedure can significantly improve the look of the skin around your eyes and boost your confidence. There can be some mild bruising or swelling after the procedure, but this is typically self-limiting and will resolve with time. A blepharoplasty can give you a well-rested, rejuvenated, and youthful appearance. However, it will not significantly change your overall appearance or facial structure. If you are unhappy with the skin around your eyes and want a more youthful look, eyelid surgery might be right for you. Contact Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kerendian today to find out more or Schedule your Consultation.

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