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Dark circles under the eyes can make you look older than your age, tired, or angry. They often occur as a result of allergies, a loss of the fat layer underneath the lower eyelid or as the natural aging process. The under eye area is one of the first places to show age-related changes as fatty tissue declines, and shadows create a hollow look and dark circles. Dark circles can also be a natural variation due to darker pigmentation of the under eye area. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles Dark Circle under Eyes Treatment Surgeon, can help manage your dark circles and restore a more youthful look to your face.

Several options are available for treating dark circles under the eye. Topical creams and skin care products may help lighten the skin temporarily, and can be an option for mild dark circles. These can be used by those with natural dark circles or mild dark circles who simply want to gently brighten their under eye areas without any major changes. However, the results will not be permanent. Dr. Kerendian, expert in treatment of dark circle under eyes in Los Angeles, can create a treatment plan that will help you meet your goals.

Dr. Kerendian, expert in treatment of dark circle under eyes in Los Angeles also offers minimally invasive options that can offer more lasting results. These generally involve dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are injectable solutions that restore lost volume to the under eye area. This eliminates the shadow and plumps the under-eye region, creating a fuller, softer appearance and softening the look. Several fillers are available and can be combined to add contours to other parts of the face for a liquid facelift and a rejuvenated appearance. Dermal fillers offer long-term results but may need to be repeated periodically.

Finally, surgery may be needed for some cases. Dr. Kerendian, expert in treatment of dark circle under eyes in Los Angeles, can use a special technique called blepharoplasty. This procedure includes adjusting the tissue of the eyelid to remove excess tissue and tighten loose tissue to eliminate the sunken or hollow look under the eye. A blepharoplasty offers the longest-lasting results, but may not be right for all patients or all situations.

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