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Breast Implant Revision Los Angeles

Breast implants are intended to add fullness and a feminine shape or to restore lost volume after weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or age-related changes. However, some women can experience complications that leave them with unwanted changes to their breasts or nipples or potential health risks due to their implants. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles breast implant revision surgeon, may recommend a revision to remove or replace the original implant, or to otherwise address the issues with the augmentation procedure.

Dr. Kerendian, expert in breast implant revision in Los Angeles, may recommend a breast implant revision if you:
• Are unhappy with the appearance of your breast augmentation
• Are suffering complications due to your breast augmentation
• Have pain or discomfort due to your breast implants
• Have other issues linked to breast implants

For the best results, you should be in good physical and mental health, have realistic expectations and not be currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

Several procedures can be used to address the issue and perform the capsular correction. Incisions may be made in the armpit, navel, areola, or below the breast depending on your needs and preferences. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles breast implant revision surgeon, will determine the best course of action at your appointment and explain your options. The specific issues being addressed, your personal anatomy, and the techniques used will all play a role in your treatment plan. In most cases, the procedure can be completed in a few hours. Your recovery time will vary based on the procedure and your individual case.

Each patient’s needs and experiences are unique. Dr. Kerendian will provide you with in-depth aftercare instructions. These will help reduce your risk of complications. You may have special bandages and draining for a few days, as well as medications to manage pain. A special compression or support garment may be needed once the bandages are removed. As swelling subsides, your stitches can be removed. Call us today to find out more or to Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Kerendian, expert in breast implant revision in Los Angeles.

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