Plagued By Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? There Are Solutions

Little makes you feel more tired than looking in the mirror and seeing dark circles looming beneath your eyes. And while exhaustion is only one cause of the circles, once they appear, they can make you look not only more tired, but angry, older, and less vibrant.

While makeup can help conceal dark under-eye circles in some cases, it can’t fully compensate for sagging and other structural changes that commonly happen with increasing age. Whether you’re seeking alternatives to makeup or just want to enhance your facial appearance for boosted confidence, we can help.

At Desired Beauty in Bakersfield and the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Farzin Kerendian and his expert team reduce under-eye circles through quality skin care products and facial rejuvenation techniques. 

Read on to learn more about dark circles and what to do if you’re bothered by them.

The basics of under-eye circles

Most anyone can develop dark circles under the eyes, but several factors make them more likely. You could be genetically prone to the circles, having a facial structure that naturally makes the circles more prominent. 

Beyond that, common causes include a lack of sleep, allergies, respiratory infections, and dehydration. You can also develop dark circles after staring at electronic screens for an extended time, which dilates blood vessels in the area. Another culprit is excess sun exposure, which increases skin-darkening pigment.

The aging process can also fuel under-eye circles. Over time, the face produces less elastin and collagen, both of which keep skin firm and supple. 

What to do about dark circles under your eyes

If you want to minimize the dark circles under your eyes, the first step is an appointment with Dr. Kerendian. During your consultation, he’ll examine your skin and review your medical history and treatment goals. From there, he’ll put together a customized plan, which may include:

If your symptoms are relatively minor, you may fare best from skin care products alone. If you’re looking for more pronounced results, dermal fillers may be your best option. Results from our dermal filler treatments can last for up to two years or longer with routine touch-ups. Surgery offers a more permanent solution. 

Regardless of what your under-eye circle treatment plan includes, taking good care of your skin moving forward can go a long way. We can also review lifestyle measures that can help, such as prioritizing sufficient sleep, protecting your skin from the sun, using a quality moisturizer, and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

To learn more about solutions for dark under-eye circles, call Desired Beauty or schedule an appointment with Dr. Kerendian through our website.

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