I'm Not Happy with My Breast Implants: Can You Help?

I'm Not Happy with My Breast Implants: Can You Help?

Breasts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but not everyone is happy with their breasts. That’s where breast implant surgery comes in. Nearly 200,000 surgeries were performed in 2020 alone, so what happens if you’re not happy with your implants?

Board-certified cosmetic and general surgeon Farzin Kerendian, DO, FACOS, FAACS, at Desired Beauty offers breast implant revision procedures to remove or replace your existing breast implants.

After your breast implants

Before you reach out to Dr. Kerendian about an implant revision, have you given your body enough time to heal after your breast augmentation? It’s possible that you still have swelling rather than poor surgical results.

Breast implants don’t settle into their final resting place until about two months post-surgery. They may appear too high on your chest or misshapen until fully healed. You may even wish you had gone with a larger implant. 

Whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction, if you have fully healed and you’re still not happy with the breast augmentation results, schedule an appointment at Desired Beauty to discuss a possible breast implant revision.

What to expect during breast implant revision surgery

If you and Dr. Kerendian decide the best method for improving your satisfaction with your breast implants is implant revision surgery, you’ll find the procedure similar to the first. But many of our patients report feeling less pain during the recovery of implant revision surgery compared to the initial implant surgery.

Step One: Anesthesia

Dr. Kerendian administers intravenous sedation or general anesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Step Two: Incision

Dr. Kerendian makes an incision to remove the existing implants and replace them with the new ones. He may make the incision in the crease under the breast or around the areola, or in the case of a breast lift, he may make a vertical incision.

Step Three: Close Incision

When the revision is complete, Dr. Kerendian closes your incision with skin adhesives, sutures, clips, or tapes.

Recovering after breast implant removal or revision varies. Dr. Kerendian may suggest activity modification for a few weeks after the procedure to prevent complications. Your final breast implant revision results will be disguised at first due to swelling. 

Most women experience full results within two months.

Learn more about breast implant revision surgery

Find out if you’re a candidate for breast implant revision surgery by scheduling a consultation today. Contact us by phoning the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online. Our offices are in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles and in Bakersfield, California.

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