I'm Embarrassed About My Large Breasts

I'm Embarrassed About My Large Breasts

You’ve been embarrassed because of your large breasts for years. You may recall painful school years when you were teased and heard hurtful comments. You still find yourself the subject of stares and catcalls on occasion. You don’t have to live that way anymore. You’re past childbearing and are ready to make a change.

Board-certified cosmetic and general surgeon Dr. Farzin Kerendian is the expert you can trust to make your breasts a normal size. Breast reduction has many benefits, both psychological and physical. 

Improved self-image 

Your self-image likely suffered during your teenage years; it may have never improved. Having a breast reduction enables you to take charge of something you’d like to change. Making the change is empowering. 

Because your body is going to look different, you’ll likely feel more self-confident after your breast reduction. You’ll no longer feel embarrassment when entering a room. The sense of relief you feel may give you a new lease on life, so to speak. 

No more skin irritation under the breasts 

Large, pendulous breasts cover the skin under them. When your breasts touch the skin underneath them all the time, moisture and heat build up, which can result in a fungal, yeast, or bacterial infection. After breast reduction, you’ll be free of problematic skin infections.

Eliminates pain in your neck, shoulder, and/or back

Large breasts can weigh up to 20 pounds. Think of it as carrying around weights on your chest 24/7. You may have constant tension on muscles in your neck, shoulder, and/or back. No wonder you’re in pain. 

Dr. Kerendian works with you to give you breasts that are normal for your height and body type. You’ll feel lighter, and standing up straight won’t place undue pressure on your body. 

Frees you to engage in physical activities

Studies show that having large breasts prevents women from engaging in some forms of exercise. More than half of women in one study experienced pain while jogging. You’re less inclined to get physical exercise if you hurt or are uncomfortable during it. 

After your breast reduction, you may find yourself doing things you haven’t done before or gave up long ago because of discomfort. Exercising more provides positive health benefits. 

Clothing fits better 

Has it been difficult to find bras that fit? You have to special order your size. Clothing is always too tight around your chest but loose elsewhere; sizes don’t accommodate your large breasts. You can’t wear sweaters or blouses that button down the front; the buttons always threaten to pop. 

After your breast reduction, your clothing fits like it should. You may enjoy shopping for the first time in years. 

Consultation on breast reduction surgery 

Dr. Kerendian discusses your goals for breast reduction. What size bra cup would be ideal in your view? He makes a plan based on your goals and your body size and type so that your new breasts are in proportion to your body. During the operation, he removes excess fatty tissue to give you nice-looking, rounded breasts that no longer sag. 

You’ll receive complete written instructions for preparation and tests you’ll need prior to the surgery and for aftercare when you go home. 

Call Desired Beauty or book an appointment online for your private consultation about breast reduction. You’ll love the way you look. 

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