How Does a Fat Transfer Work?

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could take fat from an area of your body where it’s not welcome and move it to another area to plump up sagging skin or add volume? If you’ve thought about this, you’re not alone. Fat transfer procedures have been growing in popularity since the 1990s, and for good reasons.

At Desired Beauty, with offices in Beverly Hills and Bakersfield, California, skilled cosmetic surgeon Dr. Farzin Kerendian performs fat transfers for men and women who desire to improve their appearance as naturally as possible. In this post, discover how a fat transfer works and learn if it’s the right procedure for you. 

The skinny on fat transfers, fat injections, and fat grafting

The fat transfer procedure is sometimes referred to as fat grafting or fat injections. This is a surgical procedure that involves the liposuction of fat from one area of your body and the injection of the fat cells into another area that you find lacking. 

The fat goes through a processing step to remove excess fluid and dead cells before Dr. Kerendian injects it into the treatment area. This step means that the remaining fat cells have the best chance of survival to become a permanent part of their new location.

Fat transfers are a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Depending on how much fat needs to be extracted and where it’s being injected, we may perform liposuction and fat transfer using general or local anesthesia. 

Fat transfers as fillers

You might desire a more youthful appearance, but you’re leery of injecting synthetic dermal fillers into your body. A fat transfer from one area of your body to another is a more natural approach to adding volume and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

Because the fat cells come from your own body, there’s very little chance that your body will reject the fat in its new location. Also, fat is a natural part of your body, so you don’t have to worry about potential allergic reactions.

Common fat transfer treatment areas

Some of the most common areas for fat transfers include:


We often recommend fat transfers to men and women who want to take years off their appearance without undergoing face-lift surgery. A fat transfer can help restore a more youthful appearance by adding volume to hollow areas under your eyes or around your nose. Facial fat transfers can also add volume to your cheeks and improve the overall texture and appearance of sagging skin. 


Dr. Kerendian may also recommend a fat transfer if you’re considering a Brazlian butt lift. In some cases, this can be an ideal solution if you want to remove fat from your waist or belly and have it injected into your derriere for more contoured, shapely buttocks. We like to think of it as a two-for-one cosmetic procedure in which you get a slimmer waistline and a fuller backside at once. 


Fat transfers generally don’t provide the level of increased volume you may desire in a breast augmentation, but a fat transfer may be a good way to correct breast asymmetry or repair scar tissue.

Additionally, your hands and feet as well as your hips may benefit from fat transfer procedures when you want to rejuvenate or add symmetry, respectively.

If a fat transfer sounds like an ideal way to boost your self-confidence and reshape your face and body, call us at the Desired Beauty location closest to you. You can also use our convenient appointment request form to book online.

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