Get the Best Results From Your First Botox® Treatment

Get the Best Results From Your First Botox® Treatment

Of all the medical cosmetic treatments available in the United States, Botox® Cosmetic is the most popular. Doctors and aestheticians perform between 4 million and 5 million Botox treatments on women in men every single year. 

Botox’s success, however, isn’t surprising. It’s simple, it’s affordable, and — best of all — it works. 

At Desired Beauty — with offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield, California — our plastic surgeon Farzin Kerendian, DO, FACOS, FAACS, brings his aesthetic and medical expertise to your Botox injections. Botox takes a skilled hand and experience for the best results. You also contribute by preparing for your first visit.

Why Botox is effective

The lines on your foreheads and the wrinkles around your eyes are created when your facial muscles contract to form extreme facial expressions. These lines and wrinkles are called dynamic wrinkles because they form in response to movement (i.e., dynamism). 

Other wrinkles form due to age-related changes in your skin, sun damage, or even genetics. These wrinkles are “static wrinkles,” because they form over time and are not caused by your facial expressions.

Botox treats dynamic wrinkles by blocking the nerve signals that trigger specific muscular contractions. When the muscles don’t contract, they don’t tug, pull, or scrunch up your skin, so lines and wrinkles can’t form. This also allows existing wrinkles to smooth out over time. 

How to prepare for your treatment

For the most part, you don’t have to prepare for your Botox treatments; your doctor’s expertise is the #1 factor that determines a beautiful outcome. However, you’ll get the most out of your first treatment session by following these suggestions: 


Even though you’ve read hundreds of excellent reviews of Botox, you may still feel a little nervous before your first treatment. One of the best ways to relax is to ask Dr. Kerendian to carefully go over what to expect during and after your treatment. Having that information in advance can go a long way toward helping you relax and look forward to your results.

Don’t smoke or drink

Tobacco and alcohol are drugs that affect your blood flow and may impede healing after your injections. Ideally, avoid tobacco and alcohol products for a couple days before your treatment to give your skin a quick boost in healthy circulation.

Let us know about medications

A few medicines and supplements might cause some issues with your injections, such as excessive bruising or bleeding. Examples of substances to avoid include blood thinners, muscle relaxants, some allergy medications, and aspirin. 

Before your appointment, ask us about what medicines, herbs, and supplements are safe to take. We let you know if you should change your dose on the day of your session or before, or if you should avoid the substance until after your Botox treatment.

Let us know about medical conditions

Botox might not be a good choice if you have a nerve or muscle disease, an infection near the treatment area, severe allergies, or a bleeding disorder. Before your treatment session, we ask you about your medical history to avoid potential issues.

Share your goals with us

Botox isn’t the same for everyone. We customize the amount of Botox used and the location of the injections based on your personal goals. Let us know what results you’re looking for so we can adjust accordingly.

Be realistic 

Although Botox will erase years from your face, a single treatment session won’t make you look young immediately. Botox effectively relaxes and smooths out dynamic facial lines and wrinkles. However, it can’t address other issues, such as static wrinkles or sagging skin. 

But if you’re bothered by more than just dynamic wrinkles, let us know! We can combine Botox with fillers and other treatments to address those issues. 

Learn more about Botox 

You should see optimal results of your first Botox treatment within about a week or two. Your results may last for up to four months. We schedule regular Botox touch-ups to maintain your new, youthful and refreshed look over the long term.

Get started with your first Botox treatment by scheduling a consultation today. Contact us by phoning the office nearest you, or booking an appointment online. 

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