Does an Arm Lift Leave Scars?

Does an Arm Lift Leave Scars?

The skin on your upper arms can become loose and saggy after weight loss or just as a result of the natural aging process. Exercise helps strengthen and improve your overall muscle tone, but it doesn’t eliminate extra skin that has lost its elasticity.

If you have flabby underarms, you may be too embarrassed to wear tank tops, strapless dresses, and halter tops. Getting an arm lift seems like a great solution, but will the procedure leave scars?

Our board-certified cosmetic and general surgeon, Farzin Kerendian, DO, FACOS, FAACS, at Desired Beauty Surgical and Medical Center, offers arm-lift cosmetic surgery procedures with minimal scarring to help you regain confidence.

What’s an arm lift?

An arm lift, also called brachioplasty, contours the underside of your upper arm and removes excess, sagging skin and fat from your elbow to your armpit. 

You’re given general anesthesia or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia during the procedure. Dr. Kerendian removes some fat and skin from your arm through liposuction or by cutting out the tissue, or a combination of both methods.

When the excess fat and skin are removed, Dr. Kerendian reshapes and tightens the skin to achieve arms that look more toned and slender, and then closes the incisions. After the procedure, you wear a compression bandage to minimize swelling.

How much scarring should I expect from an arm lift?

Making incisions on the arms for an arm lift causes permanent scars, but Dr. Kerendian takes great care to place the incisions in areas that are not overly visible from the front or back when your arms are by your side. Most scars also fade over time.

Incision scars may appear halfway down the inside of your arm, in your armpit, or the full length of the upper arm, depending on how much tissue removal is required. Dr. Kerendian is passionate about helping his patients achieve beautiful results with minimal scarring.

In rare cases, the incisions may cause raised, red scars. Corticosteroids and other treatments can help reduce the visibility of this type of scarring.

How to reduce the risk of excessive scarring after an arm lift

Follow your post-operative care instructions carefully while recovering from your arm-lift surgery, This includes wearing compression garments to help control swelling, taking medications as scheduled, and caring for your wounds.

Dr. Kerendian may insert a temporary drainage tube in your arm to prevent blood or fluid buildup after the procedure.

If you smoke, avoid cigarettes while recovering from your procedure. Smoking slows the healing process and increases your risk of developing infections and visible scar tissue. 

Complete healing from an arm lift can take up to two months. To find out if you’re a candidate for arm-lift surgery, call your nearest Desired Beauty location or book a consultation online today.

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