Can My Scars Be Erased From My Body?

Can My Scars Be Erased From My Body?

Have you ever been hanging out with friends or family just swapping stories of days gone by, and the conversation spirals down to scars? All of a sudden scars become the focus of quite an animated discussion of how and why and whose fault it was. This strange badge of courage has everyone trying to top the last story told, and of course, revealing the actual scar that resulted.

Although it’s great fodder for funny and relatively harmless banter, scars can literally leave lasting effects on you physically as well as put a real dent in your self-esteem. But what’s done is done, right?

Not necessarily, says our own Farzin Kerendian, DO, FACOS, FAACS, here at Desired Beauty. Think scar revision. While it may be impossible to erase the memory of how you got the scar, many scars can be virtually erased from your body physically.

What is scar revision?

Let’s start this discussion with a deep dive into why scars form in the first place and how scar revision can help. Scarring happens as a function of the body’s natural reaction to an injury. Regardless of the type of trauma whether it’s a skin infection like acne, a severe burn or a wound from a cut, scrape, laceration or even a surgical incision, the trauma triggers your body’s natural reaction – to heal.

Although some minor mishaps result in scars that may seem to fade over time, a scar’s size, shape or location can make them stand out. Your age and your skin’s characteristics can also impact scarring. While all scars are typically thicker than healthy skin, that’s where the similarities end. Scarring can result in discolored skin as well as a change in the skin surface making some scars indented or recessed while others are raised.

Now, for the good part: through a cosmetic procedure called scar revision you can seemingly erase scars from your body. Although the scar will still be there its appearance will be greatly enhanced, so it won’t be as noticeable. And if you don’t tell, we won’t tell.

Blends in with surrounding skin

The key to successful scar revision treatment is to dial in the treatment based on several criteria such as the severity of the scar, its location and your individual skin characteristics. Regardless of whether your provider uses techniques like topical ointments or minimally invasive or surgical procedures, the goal is the same – make the scar virtually disappear by making it blend in better with your natural skin.

Think of scar revision as the ultimate airbrush technique or better yet, the best Photoshop touch up you’ll ever get.   

Customized and varied treatment options

Since no two scars are the same; no two-scar revision treatments are identical. Scar revision treatment plays out like this. After your provider evaluates your scar and discusses your cosmetic goals, he’ll design a tailored scar revision treatment option just for you. More times than not the best solution is a careful combination of several techniques. Here at Desired Beauty, Dr. Kerendian may employ techniques from our vast skin rejuvenation toolbox such as chemical peels or laser treatments.

For your convenience your scar revision procedures will take place right in our offices. To keep you comfortable during your treatment, you may receive a topical or local anesthetic. In most cases, there’s no downtime so you can resume your normal activities. Dr. Kerendian simply sends you home with specific aftercare instructions, but all patients who have scar revision treatment should resist pulling on the scar, stretching it, or rubbing it during the healing period. In cases where the treatment area is at a joint, you may need to do physical therapy to improve mobility after your scar revision treatment.

Deep scars may be addressed surgically

In severe cases when the scar tissue is particularly deep or thick, Dr. Kerendian may recommend performing a surgical procedure coupled with an advanced incision closure technique. In scar-revision surgery the scar tissue is actually surgically removed. Since Dr. Kerendian is technically creating a new wound that needs to heal, he’ll choose among a variety of advanced closure techniques to close the incision in a way so that the new scar is less noticeable than the last one.

If you have problems with scarring and want to learn if scar revision is right for you, contact Desired Beauty for a consultation at our Bakersfield and the Beverly Hills locations. Make an appointment online or call us today.

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