Are There Different Face-Lift Techniques to Tighten Skin?

Are There Different Face-Lift Techniques to Tighten Skin?

Face-lift surgery is among the top five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States, with about a quarter million women and men choosing the surgery to help them look younger and feel their best. What a lot of patients don’t know is that all face-lifts are not the same: Different techniques allow patients to get the custom treatment they need for the results they want. 

With office locations in Bakersfield, California, and the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, Farzin Kerendian, DO, FACOS, FAACS and the team at Desired Beauty offer face-lift procedures using the most advanced techniques to help every patient achieve their aesthetic goals. If you’re considering a face-lift, here are some of the more common techniques you should know about.

Full face-lift

A full face-lift rejuvenates the entire face, and sometimes the neck area, too. During a full face-lift, Dr. Kerendian makes an incision near your hairline, so any resulting scars can be easily hidden. Then, he uses special instruments to access and reposition muscle, fat, and other tissues, gently tightening sagging muscles before removing excess skin. 

Dr. Kerendian uses the most advanced techniques for a result that never looks “pulled” or “unnatural.” After your surgery, you’ll still look like you — just younger and more refreshed.

Midface lift

Sometimes called a cheek lift, a midface lift focuses on the middle part of your face, specifically your cheeks, one of the first areas to lose volume and show signs of sagging. During a cheek lift, Dr. Kerendian gently elevates the fat pad that gives your cheeks their youthful fullness. In addition to rejuvenating the central part of your face, a cheek lift may also help your eye area look refreshed.

Forehead lift

Also called a brow lift, a forehead lift helps smooth out horizontal forehead wrinkles or folds, while also gently lifting the forehead to eliminate a pendulous brow. In addition to helping your forehead look younger, this type of lift also improves the look of your eyes by raising the brow line, helping you look more alert.

Mini face-lift

mini face-lift focuses on the lower part of your face, including your jowls, an area that’s especially prone to sagging. In a mini face-lift, Dr. Kerendian makes small incisions around your ears or near your hairline, then repositions the underlying tissue and removes excess skin. Some people opt for a mini face-lift for the chin and jowl area, then combine it with fillers or other treatments to “zero in” on other problematic areas.

Neck lift

OK, your neck isn’t technically part of your face. But a sagging, wrinkled neck can have a dramatic effect on your facial appearance (not to mention your confidence). A neck lift smooths out neck wrinkles and eliminates excess skin for tighter contours. Some neck lift surgeries remove excess fat under the chin area, as well.

Liquid face-lift

Technically, this nonsurgical approach isn’t really a face-lift. Instead, it’s a combination of neuromuscular agents (like Botox®) and dermal fillers used to help smooth out wrinkles and restore lost volume from your forehead to your chin.

Liquid face-lifts can be “fine-tuned” based on each patient’s concerns, making them a good option for people with mild-to-moderate wrinkles and mild skin laxity. Plus, injections can be repeated to help maintain results.

Having a face-lift isn’t only about aesthetics — it’s also about feeling more confident and comfortable in your own skin. To learn more about these and other facial rejuvenation treatments that we offer, contact our team by phoning the office nearest you or booking an appointment online.

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