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Areolar, much like breasts, come in all shapes and sizes, but not all women are happy with the size of their areolar. The outer edge of the areola can become quite large and cover a substantial part of the surface of the breast. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your areolae, Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles areolar reduction surgeon, can help.

An areolar reduction can be performed alone or in conjunction with other breast surgeries, including Gynecomastia Surgery in Los Angeles for men. Dr. Kerendian, expert in areolar reduction in Los Angeles, will first examine you to determine the most appropriate way to proceed, and will explain all of your treatment options. You may be a candidate for the procedure if you have:

• Experienced undesirable shape changes after pregnancy or breastfeeding
• Abnormally large areolae
• Age-related changes
• Disproportionate areolae and breasts
• Areolae that are prominent, asymmetric, puffy, or imbalanced
• Realistic expectations and a positive attitude
• Good health and no systemic conditions that would affect healing

Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles Areolar Reduction Surgeon, can typically perform the surgery on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. However, each patient’s individual needs are considered, and you may benefit from general anesthesia or an overnight stay.

During the procedure, the outer edge of the areola is reduced while the breast skin is shifted closer to the areola. This allows the size of the areola to be condensed without affecting the ability to breastfeed or interfering significantly with sensation. Men may benefit from a free nipple graft, which can be particularly helpful after significant weight loss. Dr. Kerendian, expert in areolar reduction in Los Angeles, will explain the various techniques and answer your questions so that you can make the best choices for your body.

The benefits of areolar surgery can be extensive. You can enjoy enhanced symmetry and reduce the look of puffiness or bumpiness. For many women, areolar surgery can mimic the effects of a breast lift, giving you younger, fuller-looking breasts. Call us today to learn more or to Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Kerendian, breast surgeon in Los Angeles.

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