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Urinary Incontinence Surgery Los AngelesUrinary incontinence is a common problem that affects between three and seventeen percent of women and from three to eleven percent of men. Stress incontinence occurs when you sneeze, exercise, cough, or laugh and leak urine. This type of incontinence can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles urinary incontinence surgery expert, offers treatments to correct the problem.

This type of surgery involves addressing the ligaments and other tissues that hold the urethra and bladder in place. Several procedures are available to address incontinence, and Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles urinary incontinence surgeon, can help you determine the best procedure for your needs. Urinary incontinence procedures may also be performed in conjunction with other surgeries as well, including tummy tucks, which have been shown to alleviate stress incontinence on their own.

Urinary Incontinence Surgery Los Angeles

At your consultation, Dr. Kerendian, expert in urinary incontinence surgery in Los Angeles, will take your medical history and perform a comprehensive medical exam. Other tests may also be performed or recommended as well, including stress tests, a urinalysis, and urodynamic testing. He will then make specific treatment recommendations for your needs and explain all your options.

You may be a candidate for surgery if you have severe symptoms that are interfering with your quality of life, have tried conservative treatments that have not worked, have no health issues that affect your ability to have surgery, and are not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.
After your procedure, you will likely need more rest than normal for a few weeks. Some bleeding and discharge are typical. Keep dry dressings over your incisions, and change them as recommended. You might need to wear special compression garments to maintain proper circulation as you heal. Dr. Kerendian, urinary incontinence surgeon in Los Angeles, will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of complications and help you heal. Pelvic floor exercises may be beneficial for some patients.

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