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Gastric Sleeve Los AngelesObesity affects about a third of American adults, and another third of adults are overweight. Morbid obesity and super obesity, which are defined as having BMIs over 40 and 50 respectively, has increased by more than seventy-five percent since 2000. Obesity can lead to serious health problems ranging from a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, to more joint problems and a decreased quality of life. If you are in the Los Angeles area and suffering from obesity, weight loss surgery might be an option.

Dr. Kerendian offers gastric sleeve surgery, which reduces the size of the stomach to help patients lose weight. This procedure can be appropriate for those who:

• Are seriously overweight or obese
• Have not successfully lost weight with diet, exercise, or medicine
• Have a BMI over 40
• Have a BMI over 35 and have an obesity-related health problem

Surgery is not a quick fix, but it can be a powerful tool that helps you lose weight. Those who have had gastric sleeve surgery lose an average of half their excess weight, and those who are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise plan are the most likely to be successful.

A gastric sleeve procedure can be performed during open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. During the procedure, part of the stomach is removed, which leaves a vertical sleeve that holds less food. After the procedure, you might have some tenderness around the incision sites. You will need to follow a specific diet immediately after surgery to protect your healing stomach. This will generally involve liquid or soft foods. Solid foods will be added in as you are able to tolerate them. Dr. Kerendian might also recommend that you avoid strenuous activities or exercises during the recovery period. The procedure is not reversible.

Some research indicates that those who undergo bariatric surgery are less likely to suffer from obesity-related health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, compared to obese people who do not undergo surgery. Although the gastric sleeve procedure is not a quick fix, it can be a powerful tool that can help you reach a healthier weight. Call the Los Angeles office of Dr. Kerendian today to schedule your consultation.



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