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Breast Surgery Los Angeles

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Breast surgery is the most popular plastic surgery in the United States. Almost half a million women get breast augmentation surgery, breast lift surgery, or other cosmetic breast surgery every year. These procedures can create more balanced silhouettes while boosting self-confidence. They are also frequently used after mastectomy or injury for reconstructive purposes. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles breast surgery expert, can help you decide if a breast surgery is right for you.

Several different procedures are available and can be used to augment the size of the breast using implants or fat, reduce the size of the breasts, lift the breasts, restore lost volume, correct sagging breasts or nipples, or address issues associated with previous implant procedures. Dr. Kerendian, Los Angeles breast surgeon, can perform multiple procedures together, such as a lift and augmentation, or may perform procedures separately in some cases.

Breast Surgery Los Angeles

Dr. Kerendian, expert in breast surgery in Los Angeles, offers a range of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries, including:

• Breast augmentation
• Breast reduction
• Breast lift
• Nipple and areola lift
• Inverted nipple correction
• Breast implant revision
• Capsular contraction, or implant hardening correction
• Breast implant removal
• Male breast reduction, or gynecomastia
• Areolar reduction
• Nipple reduction
• Breast surgery scar revision

If you are interested in breast surgery, a consultation is a great place to start. Dr. Kerendian will talk to you to learn more about your needs and goals. We can explain each of your options, which may include one or more procedures, and explore various alternatives that can help you achieve the look you want from a breast surgeon in Los Angeles.



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